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  • 24/5 customer support

    24/5 customer support

    Have a question, concern or feedback for us? Our support team is just a quick chat or email away — 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday.

  • Private Facebook community

    Private Facebook community

    Take full advantage of insights from the highly accomplished SEOs and digital marketers in our customers-only community.

  • Tailored learning materials

    Tailored learning materials

    Ever notice that the marketing tutorials on our blog and YouTube channel, and in the Ahrefs Academy, often feature our tools? Unlock their potential with full access.

  • New features released regularly

    New features released regularly

    Our development cycle is fast. We frequently update existing tools and release new features — many of which are heavily influenced by requests from our customers.

The leading experts in marketing and SEO recommend us

  • When it comes to backlink analysis, Ahrefs is my #1 go-to tool. I've tested over 25 link analysis tools and none comes close to Ahrefs in terms of index size, freshness and overall usability. If you're serious about SEO, you need Ahrefs.

    Brian Dean
  • As part of our job at Authority Hacker, we test every SEO tool out there to try and determine which is the best. Because Ahrefs comes ahead in 99% of the cases, some of our readers are starting to call us biased. Please stop being good at everything: it's hurting our reputation.

    Gael Breton
  • Ahrefs is a great tool. The data is fresh, the usability is fantastic and you guys keep adding great new features to the platform.

    Aaron Wall
  • At Outspoken Media, we rely on Ahrefs daily to help us achieve great results for our clients. What makes Ahrefs invaluable to us is its intuitive design, reliable data, and innovative features. Ahrefs is a must-have for serious digital marketers and SEOs.

    Rhea Drysdale
  • What I love about Ahrefs is their commitment to speed, design and innovation. The data fresh, relevant, and granular enough to allow us to make very actionable decisions. I love that they've made significant moves to continually innovate and add new features. Not only do they make us stronger as an agency, but they’ve kept the entire SEO software industry on its toes.

    Michael King
  • We use Ahrefs mainly for its site explorer, and it’s immensely improved how we find link targets. We use it both for getting quick analysis of a site, as well as utilizing its extensive index when we want to dive deep. It's invaluable to have one tool that can do both of those things.

    Jon Cooper

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The number of websites you can set up for automatic tracking and analysis across major Ahrefs tools.

Optional add-ons to each plan.

The total number of keywords you can track in your account. How to calculate this

The ability to track mobile rankings.

The number of users that can have shared access to your workspace. Learn more

The number of domains you can research per week. Researching different URLs from the same domains will count as one domain.

The number of URLs you can research per week.

The maximum number of results you can view in each report.

How many keywords you can analyze at one go.

The number of times you can pull "fresh" data for a keyword. Learn more

The number of keyword reports you can pull each week. Learn more

How much data you can get access to in a single report.

How much data you can get access to during a month.

The number of email alerts you can create to track new mentions of any keyword, phrase or search query. How to set up mentions alerts

The number of email alerts you can create to track new keywords as well as keyword ranking changes across position “buckets”.

The number of exportable data rows when using these third-party tools. Ahrefs' Integrations allow you to retrieve Ahrefs data from these tools using Integrations rows or credits.

You're paying a discounted "legacy" price for this plan. If you cancel your current subscription, you won't be able to resubscribe with the "legacy" price again.

The maximum number of internal HTML pages returning the 200 (OK) HTTP status code that can be crawled per month. Learn more

How long we store crawled data for your projects.

See the keywords for which the target ranks in the top 20 or 100 positions.

The maximum number of results you can view for each Top pages, Top subfolders, or Top subdomains report.

The maximum number of results you can view for each analysis in Content gap.

See which websites or web pages are competing for the same keywords as the target.

The ability to crawl and render JavaScript.

This index contains live backlinks only. Learn more

This index contains live and recently lost backlinks (i.e., those that were live within the past 3-4 months). Learn more

The index contains all live and lost backlinks. Our historical data goes back as far as March 2013. Learn more

How far back you can see graphs showing metrics over time for content.

How many content results show a preview of history graphs for organic traffic, traffic value and referring domains over time.

The ability to filter for broken pages on a given topic. Learn how (video).

Lists of saved keywords. How to create one

Keywords that were recently added to our database

Interactive graph showing the ranking history of the current top 5 ranking pages for a given timeframe.