What is Ahrefs SEO Toolbar?

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar is a free extension for Chrome and Firefox that provides useful SEO data about the pages and websites you visit.

Its free features are:

  • On-page SEO report

  • Redirect tracer with HTTP Headers

  • Broken link checker

  • Link highlighter

  • SERP positions

In addition, as an Ahrefs user, you get:

  • SEO metrics for every site and page you visit, and for Google search results

  • Keyword metrics, such as search volume and keyword difficulty, directly in SERP

  • SERP results export

What is Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Get a concise on-page SEO report

Analyze the on-page elements for any page and find potential issues with one click.

It shows:

  • Title and description

  • Canonical URL

  • Indexability and crawlability

  • Content subheaders (H1-H6) and hierarchy

  • Social tags (OG and Twitter Cards)

  • Hreflangs

  • Published and updated dates

  • Word count

For JS-powered websites, the toolbar will compare the raw HTML vs. rendered titles and meta descriptions to show you any differences.

Get a concise on-page SEO report

Check redirects and HTTP headers

For redirecting URLs, Ahrefs SEO Toolbar shows you the full redirect chain that leads to the destination page.

It also shows the HTTP headers of any URL.

Get instant Keyword Metrics as you search

Highlight various types of links

Find all outbound links on a page in one click. Internal, external, followed, and nofollowed links are highlighted in different colors for easy evaluation of link opportunities.

Highlight various types of links

Check pages for broken links

Audit your pages for broken links and find broken link opportunities on resource/links pages in your niche. Dead outbound links are highlighted red, and you can export to a CSV in one click.

Check pages for broken links

Get Ahrefs SEO metrics

Instantly see important SEO metrics for each page and website you visit:

  • Domain Rating (DR)

  • URL Rating (UR)

  • Ahrefs Rank (AR)

  • Number of backlinks

  • Number of referring domains

  • Estimated organic search traffic

  • Number of keyword rankings

Get Ahrefs SEO metrics

Analyze the top-ranking search results

Get a better sense of ranking difficulty and competition with SEO metrics for the top-ranking pages. Export metrics for the top 100 results in one click.

Analyze the top-ranking search results

Get instant keyword metrics as you search

Use inline metrics to assess the potential of any keyword opportunity without leaving the SERP.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar will show you:

  • Search volume (both global and country-specific);

  • Keyword Difficulty (KD);

  • Clicks;

  • Cost per Click (CPC).

Get instant keyword metrics as you search

Access Ahrefs’ reports in one click

Reduce the need for monotonous copy and pasting with one-click access to relevant reports in Site Explorer and Keywords Explorer.

Access Ahrefs’ reports in one click

Get SEO Toolbar for Free

Install Ahrefs' SEO Toolbar and have the most important SEO information at your fingertips at all times.