Call for internship [Backend]


Ahrefs is looking to hire students for internship in the backend team at our main office in Singapore. We will be giving preference to senior (closer to graduation) years. We are ready to accommodate for terms as short as 2-3 months and adjust working dates/ hours to your academic schedule.


You can get a sense of what we are doing at and in particular Our day to day language is OCaml, with bits of Rust and C++ here and there. You can see some of our projects opensourced at and some contributions in core OCaml compiler as well as surrounding infrastructure. We are a member of OCaml Software Foundation and proud sponsor of many functional programming conferences.

What to Expect

Work on real-world projects ranging from crawling entire Internet to processing petabytes of data extracted from those crawls and serving user requests consuming these data. We don't have explicit training sessions but you can expect all the needed help and advice from the team. You will be assigned one-on-one mentor to review your code and give feedback. You will be expected to write code in OCaml (ReasonML, Rust, C++ are up for discussion).


Please reach out to with your CV, a brief note on what made you interested in this internship opportunity and time constraints.

Have questions?

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