SEO practitioner / Content Marketer / Copywriter (3-in-1)


Hi there,

If you've been following Ahrefs Blog for at least a while (and that is the first requirement to this job opening, actually) you might have a good understanding of the kind of content that we publish.

We don't consider ourselves "writers." We're marketers and SEO practitioners.

Are you?

Who we're looking for?

We're looking for the kind of person, who is excited to execute on all sorts of SEO/marketing tactics & strategies and write detailed case studies about his/her experience.

If working on a single piece of content for a few weeks and going through hundreds (literally) of edits and revisions doesn't scare you - we want to work with you!

If you understand how to get traffic via content marketing and what kind of content will blow away the marketing community - we want to work with you even more!

Ahrefs Blog already has a great reputation in the SEO community, but you happen to know how to take it to new heights!

Job's mission:

Create top-notch content that will help our readers succeed in marketing. Help us become the world's best resource for SEO/marketing advice. Teach readers how Ahrefs' tools & data will give them a strong competitive edge.


  • Fluent English speaker (because you'll have to write a lot of copy);
  • Alien-like copywriting skills;
  • 2+ years practical experience in SEO;
  • 10+ published articles in SEO/marketing space;
  • 100+ hours spent reading best SEO/marketing blogs;
  • Good knowledge of Ahrefs tools & data;
  • Good knowledge of technical SEO (optional);
  • Ready to work full time (optional).

Expected results:

Our goal is to 3x our blog traffic in a year, while making sure this traffic converts into customers of Ahrefs platform. Your brilliant ideas of how to crack this is what we're looking for.

  • We want the kind of articles, that resonate with the community. Like this, this or this.
  • We want the kind of articles, that bring a ton of targeted search traffic. Like this, this or this.
  • We want the kind of articles, that go deeper than any existing alternatives. Like this, this or this.

What's in it for you?

You'll be an actual marketing practitioner and not just someone who rewrites content from other people. This is a great opportunity to grow your personal brand and become an authority in SEO/marketing space.

We're happy to provide you with budget/team/resources/data to carry out any marketing experiments you want. You're free to stress-test "conventional marketing advice" as well as put your own marketing ideas to the test.

If you enjoy churning out dozens of similar articles per month and you're happy with how things are - you will hate this job. But if you love challenge and want to grow personally and professionally with each published piece - you're going to love it!

Plus a competitive salary, obviously.

How to apply:

  • Send your application to with a subject: "not afraid to work"
  • Briefly tell about your experience in SEO/marketing
  • List your 3 previous jobs and what your wins at each of them
  • Include at least 10 blogs on seo/marketing/copywriting that you've been learning from
  • Include links to 3 articles that you consider your best ones (explain why)
  • Take any typing test and include a link to your results
  • Share your salary expectations and if you're open to work full time.
  • Explain why you want to work with Ahrefs and why you're a good fit for this position.

Have questions?

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