Research top content

Content Explorer is a great content research tool for copywriters and content marketers. Put any keyword (or website) into this tool and get a list of the most popular articles based on their "performance metrics":

  • Social shares — Collected from Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

  • Organic search traffic — Shows how many visits a given article is generating from search each month.

  • Referring domains — Shows how many unique websites are linking to that article.

top content

Use filters and sorting to find the information you need

Content Explorer has 1 billion articles in its index, and new ones are added every day. For every keyword you enter, you get plenty of content ideas from the articles.

To easily sift through that list, we give you a number of handy filters. You can filter the results by:

  • Language

  • Social shares

  • Domain Rating

  • Backlinks

  • Traffic

  • Word count

You can also sort your list by any of these metrics.

Sort by

Discover great link opportunities

Enter any topic in Content Explorer and use the “Highlight unlinked domains” feature to see which domains have never linked to your site.

Discover great link

This feature is especially useful for finding all unlinked mentions of your brand around the web.

Dive deeper into each content piece

Once you find a piece of content that deserves your attention, you can easily dive deeper into your research without leaving the tool.

Just click on the “Details” button for quick access to the following reports:

  • Charts — Gives you an idea of how this piece of content performs over time in terms of backlinks, search traffic and social shares.

  • Backlinks — Shows how many backlinks are pointing to this piece of content and where they're coming from.

  • Referring Domains — Shows how many different websites are linking to this piece of content.

  • Anchors — Gives you a full list of backlink anchor texts pointing to this piece of content.

  • Organic Keywords — Shows the keywords this piece of content ranks for in search.

Dive deeper

Set the timeframe

Want to browse articles that were published last month? Or maybe you want to see the top posts from last year? This can easily be done by filtering your search results by date.

Set the timeframe

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