Ahrefs Content Explorer: Billion Pages Indexed, Fancy Graphs & The “Robin Hood” Technique

Tim Soulo
Tim is the guy responsible for marketing and product strategy at Ahrefs. But most importantly he’s the chief evangelist of the company.

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    I’m now looking at Ahrefs usage statistics, and what they tell me is that a lot of you guys are still not using our Content Explorer tool.

    Well, last week I pitched it to you with an announcement of a brand new feature called Find Influencers, but that was just a warm up!

    This week I’m pitching you three new reasons to use Content Explorer.

    And the first one is…

    One BILLION Pages Indexed

    In case this number alone is not big enough to impress you, lets compare it to what Google has in its index so far.

    According to worldwidewebsize.com the estimated size of Google’s index is 47 Billion web pages.


    But indexing the whole web was not our goal with Content Explorer (FYI the index of Site Explorer is 150+ Billion pages). We’re only saving pages in our index if they pass a certain criteria.

    Like “is this page even an article?” 

    Or “was it shared on social networks at least a few times?”

    So even considering these two simple criteria, you can tell that we did a very decent job crawling a database of 1 BILLION articles that you can now easily browse and sort using all kinds of filters.

    But let’s move on to the reason number two…

    Fancy Graphs

    Remember that huge roundup with 90 SEO experts that we’ve published a few weeks ago?

    Well, would you like to see its growth in terms of referring pages, social shares and organic traffic?

    Piece of cake!


    These graphs can help you guess if the piece of content that you’re looking at is:

    • Viral Content;
    • Evergreen Content;
    • LinkBait Content;
    • Gets tons of traffic from search.

    Cool? Wait, there’s one more to go…

    The “Robin Hood” Technique

    Actually I have recorded a short little video explaining how to use this technique to supercharge your link building with guest posts:

    But if you don’t have audio speakers or my funny Russian (actually Ukrainian) accent scares you away, below is a quick recap of what I suggest you to do.

    Link building with guest articles consists of 2 phases:

    Phase #1: Coming up with a cool article idea that will happily get accepted by any blog.

    Phase #2: Finding dozens of new blogs to pitch your cool ideas to.

    So for the “Phase #1” I suggest to put some keywords into Content Explorer that best describe the topic that you would like to write about.

    You’ll instantly get a list of relevant articles ranked by how many shares they got on social media:


    If you’re like me, after reading a few of these top-notch articles you’ll easily come up with a few great ideas of your own.

    And we move to the “Phase #2.”

    Go to page 10 of Content Explorer results for that same keyword and you’ll see a list of articles on the same topic that weren’t that successful.

    This means you can reach out to the blog owner and offer him to tackle this topic based on the most shared articles you’ve just read.

    I guarantee you that the success rate will be above 70% (considering you’re a decent enough copywriter).

    So basically you “steal” proven content ideas from the big blogs and publish them as guest articles on smaller blogs.

    Hence the name of the technique — The “Robin Hood” Technique.

    Hope you like this name.

    La Fin

    That’s it! I try to keep these “Monday articles” really short.

    Let me know if you have any feedback on what you’ve just read and I’ll be glad to continue discussion in comments!

    Tim Soulo
    Tim is the guy responsible for marketing and product strategy at Ahrefs. But most importantly he’s the chief evangelist of the company.

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    • Darren DeMatas

      Loving all the new features. Your posts are super helpful in breaking them down.

      • Thanks for the feedback, Darren! I’ll try to do these short posts every Monday… and I’m hoping for your support 🙂

        • Darren DeMatas

          You got it, man. I swear by ahrefs. LOL. Is the link alert feature gone?

          • no.. why? Add your site to dashboard and you’ll get “new backlink” alerts.. or am I missing something?

    • Sean Smith

      I love the video and the Russian accent is awesome. I am going to use this technique for link prospecting with my outreach campaigns. Personally, I like video and screencasts better than reading. Keep them coming. 🙂

      • Hey Sean! I would love to do more videos like that with quick marketing tips.. but I need some support from you guys 🙂

        I mean exposing yourself with a video and not receiving any feedback is pretty discouraging and demotivating.. so thanks for stepping by and leaving a comment 🙂

        Actually even bad feedback counts! It still means that people care!

    • Sounds like a less effective version of skyscraper blogging if you ask me.

      • Hey Chris! Why do you even compare? 🙂

        Skyscraper is creating content on YOUR OWN site..

        The “Robin Hood” Technique is for landing a lot of guest articles on OTHER sites..

        These two are absolutely different!


        • Skyscraper is for content generation, the medium you push it on isn’t specific. It also outlines methods for gaining traction with influencers much more in depth than this “Robin Hood” technique.

          You didn’t even back this up with any metrics or examples of success you’ve had with it.

          • Sorry, bro.. but you still going the wrong way 🙂

            Skyscraper technique is linkBAITING — when you work 20–40 hours on a stellar piece of content and then reach out and have people link to it.

            Robin Hood” is linkBUILDING — when you spend 2–4 hours per guestpost and publish a dozen of them on a dozen blogs.

            Again.. I insist that these two can’t be compared.

            What metrics do you need? You question my ability to land posts on authority blogs or something? 🙂

    • Jon Hogg