Top Google searches (as of June 2018)

Tim Soulo
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    Are you wondering what people in the United States (and around the World) are searching for the most? Then you’re in luck!

    We’ve just uploaded fresh data from June into Keywords Explorer—our monstrous keywords database—and naturally, we wanted to know which Google searches were most popular this month.

    the total size of Ahrefs’ keywords database is now ~6.1 BILLION keywords (~2.35 Billion of which are Google search queries from the United States alone). Which makes our database the biggest one in our industry.

    We have pulled two lists for the United States:

    • Top100 most searched keywords in the US—a list of terms with the highest average monthly search volume as of today;
    • Top100 new keywords in the US in June—a list of the most popular search queries that we haven’t seen up until June.

    And then we also pulled these “best new keywords in June” across all countries in our database, which turned out quite interesting as well.

    So here you go:

    Top 100 Google search queries in the US (in June, 2018)

    Unsurprisingly, this list is almost entirely dominated by branded searches. But we have decided to leave the list as is, so that you could see the full picture.

    #KeywordSearch VolumeReturn Rate
    10google maps37,130,0002.79
    11yahoo mail33,530,0003.21
    13google translate25,200,0003.36
    15facebook login23,570,0002.85
    16home depot23,300,0002.4
    18google docs18,700,0003.23
    23usps tracking16,990,0002.68
    27google drive15,830,0002.68
    28best buy15,690,0001.92
    30bank of america13,890,0002.9
    32youtube to mp313,620,0002.94
    34wells fargo13,250,0002.92
    35google classroom12,880,0003.26
    37speed test12,780,0002.31
    44ups tracking10,000,0002.23
    45capital one9,980,0002.62
    47you tube9,440,0002.68
    48amazon prime9,330,0002.09
    49pizza hut9,210,0001.94
    54american airlines8,800,0002.12
    60fox news8,180,0002.61
    71bed bath and beyond6,970,0001.8
    78aol mail6,540,0003.44
    80united airlines6,510,0001.96
    81papa johns6,470,0001.86
    82fedex tracking6,400,0002.16
    85google scholar5,810,0003.1
    90credit karma5,700,0001.94
    93southwest airlines5,620,0002
    96donald trump5,430,0001.87
    99harbor freight5,410,0002.01

    Before we move on to the next list of trending keywords, it’s important to understand the keyword metrics that we display.

    Search volume

    Search volume shows how many times a given keyword is being entered into Google per month. And, because the search demand on many keywords tends to fluctuate from month to month, the number that we give you is an annual average.

    here at Ahrefs we calculate search volumes by modeling data from Google Keyword Planner against clickstream data (learn more here). This method has proven to be quite accurate and we keep tweaking our model to achieve even better results.

    Return Rate

    Return Rate shows how often a person will search for that keyword again. It is a relative metric, so RR 3.55 doesn’t mean that people perform the same search 3–4 times a month on average.

    But Return Rate is very useful when comparing two keywords.

    For example, the keyword “spotify” has RR 1.61, which means that people rarely search for that keyword again. (Probably because they were just looking to download this app or learn what it is.)

    On the other hand, “youtube” has RR 3.72, which means that people search for it quite frequently. (Probably because people watch YouTube videos all the time—well, at least I do!)

    Learn more about Search volume & Return rate here.

    Top 100 NEW Google searches in the US (in June, 2018)

    This list is much more interesting, because it shows things that people in the US have started to care about in June all of a sudden.

    #KeywordSearch Volume
    1us open leaderboard 201821,000
    2halo infinite19,000
    3kate spade death14,000
    4fallout 76 power armor edition13,000
    5jarrod ramos13,000
    6how did anthony bourdain die11,000
    7permit patty10,000
    8kate spade suicide9,400
    9antwon rose9,100
    10416 fire7,900
    11anthony bourdain cause of death7,400
    12sekiro shadows die twice7,100
    13smash ultimate7,000
    14kate spade died6,700
    15fire emblem three houses6,500
    16fallout 76 beta sign up6,400
    17destiny 2 forsaken6,400
    18kate spade dead6,300
    19oppo find x5,800
    20vinnie paul cause of death5,700
    21hole io5,500
    22kate spade suicide note5,500
    23captain spirit5,000
    24kate spade found dead4,800
    25natalya nemchinova4,600
    26anthony bourdain funeral4,500
    27shizuka matsuki4,400
    28world cup results 20184,300
    29pleasant park treasure map4,300
    30jarrod warren ramos4,200
    31fallout 76 beta date4,100
    32score a goal on different pitches4,100
    33the awesome adventures of captain spirit4,000
    34kayla sprinkles3,900
    35hungry gnomes3,800
    36jarrod w. ramos3,800
    37search between a playground campsite and a footprint3,600
    38jarrod w ramos3,500
    39paul mccartney carpool karaoke3,500
    40my hero academia season 3 episode 123,400
    41daemon x machina3,400
    42fallout 76 map3,300
    43treasure map in pleasant park3,300
    44russia vs egypt3,300
    45kathleen dehmlow3,200
    46tales of vesperia definitive edition3,200
    48mpr raccoon3,100
    49search between a bear3,100
    51lesandro guzman feliz3,000
    52jackson odell icarly2,900
    53why did anthony bourdain die2,900
    54who killed xxxtentacion2,900
    55justin trudeau eyebrow2,900
    56capital gazette shooting2,900
    57search between a playground campsite and footprint2,900
    58my hero academia season 3 episode 112,900
    59cws 2018 bracket2,800
    60big dick energy2,800
    61caitlin marriott2,800
    62xxxtentacion funeral2,700
    63world cup group standings 20182,700
    64capitals parade2,700
    65eurydice dixon2,700
    66tender age shelters2,700
    67wrecking ball overwatch2,700
    68omega posters2,600
    69samantha wilhide2,600
    70lesandro guzman-feliz2,600
    71jedi fallen order2,600
    72brazil vs serbia2,500
    73who killed xxxtention2,500
    74carbide and omega poster locations2,500
    75watch world cup 2018 online free2,400
    76world cup live free2,400
    77follow the treasure map in pleasant park2,400
    78international house of burgers2,400
    79world cup reddit streams2,400
    80search between a bear crater and a refrigerator shipment2,400
    81red hen in lexington, va2,300
    82fallout 76 beta release date2,300
    83robert de niro tonys2,300
    84command and conquer rivals2,300
    85japan vs senegal2,300
    86keep families together act2,300
    87trudeau eyebrow2,300
    88world cup schedule today2,200
    89overwatch wrecking ball2,200
    90treasure map in haunted hills2,200
    91loot box coin2,200
    92trudeau eyebrows2,200
    93uruguay vs egypt2,200
    94markiplier niece2,200
    95dave young vs bernard douthit2,200
    96i really don’t care do you jacket2,200
    98follow the treasure map found in pleasant park2,100
    99world cup live channel2,100
    100dwight lamon jones2,100

    What’s interesting, is that some of these new keywords had a big spike in search demand and then faded to nothing quite fast. While others seem to have a continuous search demand, that shows no signs of fading.

    permit patty” vs “smash ultimate” are two good examples:

    permit patty smash ultimate

    And in case you’re wondering what that “us open leaderboard 2018” stuff is all about… it’s golf.

    I didn’t include Return Rate this time, because the vast majority of these Google searches were very close to 1.

    But I included Keyword Difficulty metric, which is super low for almost all keywords in this list (since they’re brand new).

    Keyword Difficulty

    Keyword Difficulty score shows how hard it would be to rank in top10 search results for a given keyword (learn more here). It is based on the size and quality of the pages that already rank there.

    Given that KD scores for most of these keywords are so low, I wonder if this very article will rank for some of them?

    And that’s it for the US.

    Let’s look at what bothered people around the World in June.

    Top NEW Google searches around the World (in June, 2018)

    I know Ahrefs has a ton of customers from all around the world, and hopefully everyone will find a fun keyword from their country in this list.

    #KeywordSearch VolumeCountry
    1us open leaderboard 201821,000us
    2halo infinite19,000us
    3kate spade death14,000us
    4fallout 76 power armor edition13,000us
    5jarrod ramos13,000us
    6история садовых гномов12,000ru
    7how did anthony bourdain die11,000us
    8سلوى روضة شقير11,000sa
    9ตรวจหวย 16 มิถุนายน 256111,000th
    10permit patty10,000us
    11heinz sielmann9,700pe
    12kate spade suicide9,400us
    13antwon rose9,100us
    14محمد ايسياخم8,900sa
    15ตรวจหวย 1 มิถุนายน 25618,200th
    17416 fire7,900us
    18anthony bourdain cause of death7,400us
    19sekiro shadows die twice7,100us
    20smash ultimate7,000us
    21kate spade died6,700us
    22fire emblem three houses6,500us
    23fallout 76 beta sign up6,400us
    24destiny 2 forsaken6,400us
    25kate spade dead6,300us
    26oppo find x5,800us
    27vinnie paul cause of death5,700us
    28ดูบอลโลก 2018 สด5,700th
    29hole io5,500us
    30kate spade suicide note5,500us
    31staatsloterij juni 20185,200nl
    32eugénie brazier5,200nz
    33captain spirit5,000us
    34heinz sielmann4,900nz
    35kate spade found dead4,800us
    36natalya nemchinova4,600us
    37anthony bourdain funeral4,500us
    38shizuka matsuki4,400us
    39m’hamed issiakhem4,300sa
    40heinz sielmann4,300sg
    41world cup results 20184,300us
    42pleasant park treasure map4,300us
    43jarrod warren ramos4,200us
    44fallout 76 beta date4,100us
    45score a goal on different pitches4,100us
    46the awesome adventures of captain spirit4,000us
    49geschiedenis van de tuinkabouter3,900nl
    50ข่าวล่าสุด 13 ชีวิต3,900th
    51kayla sprinkles3,900us
    52dr. virginia apgar3,800nz
    53hungry gnomes3,800us
    54saloua raouda choucair3,800sa
    55jarrod w. ramos3,800us
    56евгенија бразије3,800rs
    57lịch sử thần lùn giữ vườn3,600vn
    58search between a playground campsite and a footprint3,600us
    59ข่าว 13 ชีวิตล่าสุด3,500th
    60adil secim net3,500tr
    61jarrod w ramos3,500us
    62alper baycın3,500tr
    63paul mccartney carpool karaoke3,500us
    64xem world cup 2018 online3,400vn
    65historia de los gnomos de jardín3,400ve
    66my hero academia season 3 episode 123,400us
    67daemon x machina3,400us
    68halk tv canlı muharrem ince3,400tr
    69fallout 76 map3,300us
    70gạo nếp gạo tẻ tập 163,300vn
    71др вирџинија апгар3,300rs
    72treasure map in pleasant park3,300us
    74russia vs egypt3,300us
    75lgs cevap anahtarı 20183,200tr
    76kathleen dehmlow3,200us
    77tales of vesperia definitive edition3,200us
    78франция аргентина3,200ru
    80gạo nếp gạo tẻ tập 223,100vn
    81mehmet gürcan karakaş3,100tr
    82mpr raccoon3,100us
    83search between a bear3,100us
    85dr. virginia apgar3,000sg
    86lesandro guzman feliz3,000us
    87россия саудовская аравия смотреть онлайн2,900ru
    88jackson odell icarly2,900us
    89why did anthony bourdain die2,900us
    90who killed xxxtentacion2,900us
    91justin trudeau eyebrow2,900us
    93capital gazette shooting2,900us
    94search between a playground campsite and footprint2,900us
    95my hero academia season 3 episode 112,900us
    96cws 2018 bracket2,800us
    97big dick energy2,800us
    98caitlin marriott2,800us
    99realm royale2,800tw
    100gạo nếp gạo tẻ tập 192,800vn

    It looks like “us open leaderboard 2018” dominates the worldwide searches too!

    (Damn, people sure LOVE golf!)

    Top NEW Google searches in YOUR niche (in June, 2018)

    Did you know that you can use the “newly discovered” feature in Keywords Explorer to find search queries (containing any “seed” keyword) that were recently added to our database?

    Keywords Explorer -> enter a seed keyword -> Newly discovered.

    You can do some seriously cool stuff with this!

    For example, imagine that you run a sports blog.

    You could enter “world cup” as your seed keyword and find all the newly-discovered world-cup-related terms that we discovered in the last month.

    newly discovered world cup 2018

    It looks like people wanted two things: to find live streams, and to see results.

    We use clickstream data to discover new search queries, so some long-tail keywords may come in a little delayed.

    Seriously, this is a potential goldmine of keyword opportunities. So please do play around with it and see what you can find. 🙂

    Free mini-tool is coming soon… we (still) promise!

    Back when the original version of this article was first published (April 2017), I mentioned that we were working on a mini-tool that would be updated with fresh data from all countries… every month.

    I’m quite embarrassed to admit it, but we still haven’t had a chance to finish making this.

    (In all honesty, we got carried away with the brand new Rank Tracker and Site Audit tools.)

    BUT it is ~80% complete—here’s a preview:

    top google searches tool new

    We’re expecting the next few months to be a bit less hectic, so we’ll have this ready for you soon!

    Stay tuned! 🙂

    Tim Soulo
    Tim is the guy responsible for marketing and product strategy at Ahrefs. But most importantly he’s the chief evangelist of the company. Learn more about Tim

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