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Site Explorer (Legacy Reports)

How to use the Best By Links’ Growth report

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In this report, we show which pages on a target website, subdomain (e.g., or subfolder (e.g., have attracted the most backlinks recently.

How to use SE: Best By Links Growth-1

Below are some actionable ways to use this report.

See which of your competitors' pages are attracting the most links

Enter a competitor’s domain into Site Explorer and go to the Best by Links’ Growth report.

If we analyze, we can see that their post about “healthy relationship habits” recently attracted tons of links.

How to use SE: Best By Links Growth-2

NOTE. The default sorting is 7 days. You can sort pages that have attracted links in the past month by clicking the “30 days” header.

Investigate further by clicking on the caret beside the URL. Check their recent backlinks for quality and the methods used to acquire them.

How to use SE: Best By Links Growth-3

If the links acquired are natural and high-quality, and your goal is to attract more backlinks, then you might also want to consider tackling this topic.

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