About Ahrefs.com

Ahrefs.com provides different services based on backlinks.

We crawl the whole internet to bring you excellent knowledge about websites connections. Our databank storage is backed by hundreds of servers. Our technology is upgrading all the time to be ahead of the field and up-to-date with SEO needs...

Our achievable aim - the best quality of data and the largest database.

Our service empowers you to:

  • analyze any page or domain backlinks with Ahrefs Site Explorer;
  • visually compare a number of sites;
  • get quick summary for any URL (limited free access);
  • see detailed data with convenient diagrams in the reports and export them to CSV for further analysis;

Our technology

  • Own bot - crawling billions of pages every day;
  • Own index - info on trillions website connections is stored;
  • Own positions database;
  • Almost real-time data availability: index update with new crawled data every 30 minutes. Complete data update within 2 weeks;
  • Ahrefs Rank is calculated on the basis of quantity and quality of links;
  • Intelligent crawling - new pages are visited according to their rating, that's why the most significant links enter database first;
  • New and lost backlinks: objective backlink changes. "New" links tab shows only those links that first appeared since our crawler last visited given page.
    Backlinks from pages which our crawler visits for the first time are not considered as New because those links could have been placed on that page a couple of years ago.

Our tools and features

Ahrefs Site Explorer:

  • Statistics of backlinks for given URL, path, domain, domain hierarchy (with subdomains);
  • Total quantity of links found, and also separate counts for no-follow links, links with images, links with anchor text;
  • HTTP status codes (including 301 and 302);
  • Information about frames and forms, leading to domain you are interested in;
  • Pages tab with highest-rated pages;
  • Backlinks tab with most important external links;
  • Referring Domains tab with domains giving the largest number of links;
  • Visual representation of links discovery speed

Other Tools:

  • Reports
    Own Domain Report may be built for free after you prove you are an owner.
    Standard Report gives complete info on a specified domain/URL (much more detailed compared to Site Explorer) and additionally enables various filters to slice the data if necessary.
  • Domain Comparison
    Shows the increase of links to a domain and Compares several domains.
  • Batch Analysis
    Analyses batches of domains/URLs - total backlinks count, referring domains and IPs.

Stay tuned

Development is ongoing. During registration you can subscribe your e-mail to receive fresh news about Ahrefs.com tools and services.